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Top Rated by Bail Bonds Job Recruiters for Bail Agent

with Bounty Hunter PC 1299 Certification in the Same 20 Hour Class!

California Department of Insurance Approval Numbers 172113 & 172114

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A Bail Agent Prelicensing Certificate from Bailspeak reportedly Carries Great Weight and has been Deemed Controlling by Recruiters Looking to fill Bail Agent Job Openings with Numerous Bail Bond Employers from Sacramento to San Jose and from San Diego to San Francisco up to and including bail bond company administrative and Bounty Hunting support staff.


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Bailspeak is The Most Trusted Name in Bail Agent Training

for new Bail Bondsmen - According to its Alumni!


"You will not find Bail Bonds Instruction like this anywhere else in the Country."


Bailspeak is the Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Name in California Bail Education, according to its hundreds of Alumni who have participated in the following department of insurance Approved bail classes for bail bondsmen and bounty hunters.

  • 20 hour bail prelicensing
  • 6 hour lawful bounty hunting continuing education
  • 6 hour CEW TASER Awareness Class for bail recovery persons
  • 6 hour bail bond motion studies

Bailspeak also offers Classes and Practical Training in:

  • Bounty Hunter Street Training
  • Online Bounty Hunter Training
  • Video Productions
  • Marketing for Bail Bonds Companies
  • Marketing for Bounty Hunters

Bailspeak's Offerings do not stop here. You can also read books by Bailspeak's Primary Instructor who is also a published Author, Rex Venator.

  • "Allied Bail Agencies: Masterless"
  • "Desktop Bounty Hunter"
  • "Modern Bounty Hunting: A Real-Life Guide for the Fugitive Recovery Agent."


It really doesn’t matter how you investigate and close a bail jumper investigation, so long as you go home safely to get paid safely and all while acting within the confines of applicable laws to fugitive recovery as a bail enforcement agent for bail bond company owners or sureties.


It is critical, to compete in today’s bounty hunting market place, to have skillsets and tools that your competitors either don’t have or are unwilling to secure, and that you yourself take the initiative to innovate and grow your small business.


Whether you roll up to a courthouse as a licensed bail agent in a business suit for a bail bond motion or on a Harley Davidson classic with pistols and a TASER CEW it all really doesn’t matter, so long as you go home to get paid after operating legally.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with nearly 4,000 issued Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certificates awarded to Bailspeak Alumni and with many now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry as bail bondsmen, posting bail agents, bounty hunters, and ministerial employees of California’s largest bail corporations and Mom & Pops Bail Bonds operations.


Bailspeak is instructed by bail bond company owners and active bounty hunters who have a proven track record of not just running profitable companies in the fields of bail bonds and bounty hunting, but Bailspeak Cadre also have a record of Alumni from Bailspeak who have also taken what they’ve learned and applied those lessons to themselves run profitable bail related companies.

Today Young Women are Discovering

the Career Potential of the Bail Bonds Industry in California through

Bailspeak Bail Training Classes.

"Now I know how to hire

a bounty hunter."


- Bailspeak Alumni

"You can't operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing."


Steve Ross

Time Warner CEO


Money comes and goes, but, as successful small business owners come to learn through the hard teachings of surviving in the brutal Free Market, good people who take pride in representing their businesses are often very difficult to discover; nonetheless, those small business owners and larger employers have taken action to bring aboard the best people in the job market and have, in growing numbers, entrusted Bailspeak with their new employee’s bail agent pre-licensing education.


The responsibility of providing the best possible bail education training is taken very seriously, and every effort to produce the most informed bail agents and bounty hunters in the California Bail Bond Industry is considered an honor to the extent that every Bailspeak Certificate awarded is undeniably earned.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail School now in its seventh year of operation.

Fugitive Recovery Training in California should consist of education in the legal authorities to bounty hunt as a Penal Code 1299 Compliant bail enforcement agent, but, also, one should take care to fully investigate a course for what is commonly known as a career ladder insofar that one has the option to eventually start his or her own bail bonds company.


Moreover, if one is serious about becoming a fugitive recovery agent with a future in developing and maturing into a bail bonds business owner then it only stands to reasons that one’s initial bail training be instructed by a verifiably long-time bounty hunter and bail bond company owner who is and has been licensed by the California Department of Insurance as a bail agent for nearly 20 years.


At the time of this writing, Bailspeak’s primary instructor is the only known California Bail Education Instructor with an extensive background as a legally operating bounty hunter of 22 years, licensed bail agency owner, legally authorized agent for sureties regarding nearly 250 granted bail bond motions lawfully filed and heard in open superior courts in numerous counties, and as a bail agent pre licensing and continuing education instructor now approaching eight consecutive years of service with nearly 2,000 actual live class Alumni and many of which have been and are now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider since 2007 and with roots going back to 1996 as the Critical Response Training Academy based out of Tracy, California.

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Fugitive Recovery Agent Training Programs in California

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Riverside Bail Agent Pre Licensing Courses

Modesto Bail School Training Classes


San Diego - Carlsbad Bail Pre Licensing Classes

“Awesome!! This class had me totally prepared to pass the bail exam as well as having some real life tips on etiquette, image, and safety in bounty hunting as well as writing bonds.


Rex has a vast knowledge of both the business and the laws. He makes the information easy and enjoyable to learn.


I will always use Bailspeak to refer other people and do my continuing education. You can trust your getting what you pay for and more here!”


~ San Diego, Bailspeak Alumnae – 2015

“It was very informative.  I found it inspiring and learned a lot of new things.”


“Excellent insight regarding topics.  It was extremely interesting with details and stories. You ROCK Rex!”


“Good, relative stories.  Excellent, comprehensive handouts.  Good job!”


“Great examples!  Everything was explained well, life experiences for each lesson was great!”


“The idea that he not only had personal stories but stories from other bail agents and bounty hunters.  Very well educated and wants us to all be the same!”


“The energy of the instructor, the info about what happens if a defendant fails to appear, the topic of techs.”


“Kept me interested and didn’t put me to sleep!  Liked all the personal experience shared.”


“I feel ready to take the test and pass!”


“The speaker was humorous and had many interesting/funny stories to tell. Thank you Instructor Rex for your instruction.”


“I liked the material that was taught!  It’s incredible how much knowledge the instructor has obtained throughout his career!”


“I like the book and handouts with all the information.  I wish we had more time to go over more stuff with Rex!  Very funny and cool!”


“Liked all of it.  I have a way better understanding of bail and the bail industry.  Fast paced, everything was great!”


“Rex makes it fun, even though it’s a lot of stuff and laws, etc.  He really does a great job!  Excellent!”


“The real life stories Rex shared all applied to a class topic.  Thank you!”


“All the information was much welcome and will be used.  Wonderful class!”


“The realness of the instructor, using his real life experiences allowed me to have a better understanding.”


“The realistic knowledge of how the bail industry really works.”


“The instructor had a lot of knowledge and experience.  He made the course fun!”


“The way the instructor put together the true handouts and told real life stories made it easy to understand and helpful to retain.  Awesome job at being able to connect with and teach people in a friendly but professional manner.”


“Rex was awesome!!! Loved the stories that were told in the class.  Excellent student of history as well!”


“The speaker because he really knows all this from personal experience and he researches everything as well.”