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Why Proper Bail Education Matters


Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator


I did not wake up one day and decide to be a bail education training instructor with no background in bail and its many, many subparts to include bail fugitive recovery.


My work in California Bail Education arrives from my earlier work in bounty hunting followed by bail bonds and then branching off into many other areas with some related to bail and others unrelated to bail.  In any case, I am able to openly communicate with surety executives, California Department of Insurance personnel, lawyers working on bail related matters in the California Superior Court systems, government investigators trying to understand how bail works, bounty hunters, major bail bond corporations, and the Mom and Pop shops that hire bounty hunters for fugitive recovery work.


As the photo included with this analysis may illustrate, I’ve been working in the California Bail Bonds Industry for many years, and I’ve crashed and burned from time to time but never gave up at anything.


I bring this up today because it would appear that more and more people are themselves branching off into bail education with an emphasis in fugitive recovery or bail enforcement but with an important distinction being the background in bail doesn’t seem to be present.


Succinctly put, while agent safety is very important in bail recovery, emphasizing training away from how to legally apprehend and book bail jumpers in favor of training in guns, guns and more guns is, arguably, counterproductive to becoming a bounty hunter simply because nearly all of those mentioned in paragraph one above and who hire bounty hunters may be held liable for what their bounty hunters do or do not do.  In other words, firearms as a self-defense tool in bounty hunting may very well be a fact and necessary tools of the trade, but people who hire bounty hunters probably won’t be impressed enough to take a purely firearms trained person seriously enough to hire.


How do I know this?  Well, a very long time ago, I myself had to learn how to advertise my bounty hunting services, and bail bond company owners were known to pass on me and anyone else who presented as a liability because the guns were too prevalent in the advertising.  Read: crash and burn and then the advertising problems were (see photograph) quickly fixed.


I maintain that proper firearm training is critical, but having only firearms training may not be a critical ingredient in finding work; accordingly, I find it curious that schools are now advertising bail enforcement courses but the backgrounds of most of the listed instructors is not in bail and in some cases not in bail at all.


This post isn’t about bail school competition popping up; the Free Market will sort out who stays and who goes.  This post is about providing certain points to consider if you or someone you know is thinking of taking steps to become a licensed bail agent, certified bail fugitive recovery person, or need to hire bounty hunters for bail bond forfeitures.


There is more information on how to become a bail bondsman and bounty hunter on the Bailspeak Mother website and many of its support websites ~ Good Luck and Stay Safe!

A bounty hunter should consider not relying on training that instills rehearsed responses to predictive outcomes and, instead, focus on training that is designed to respond to changes in conditions with an emphasis on being so simple and without structure that such training is designed to mold and adjust to the matter at hand; these shapeless principles create the difficult task that today’s instructors must master as a sacrosanct teaching responsibility to students who intend to go into felony hazard situations—in my personal and professional opinion as a fugitive recovery training instructor.

Why Should You Interview Bailspeak Alumni

for Jobs in Bail Bonds?


Opinion Editorial


By Rex Venator


A Bailspeak Alumnus recently reported undergoing an interview with a bail company bail agent who was looking to hire a bounty hunter regarding a bail bond ordered forfeited by a judge.


As is the case in growing reports by new bounty hunters, the new PC 1299 compliant bounty hunter was quizzed on how to lawfully bounty hunt with an emphasis on describing which legal authorities allow a private citizen bounty hunter to do this or that.


The new bounty hunter was told that a very specific answer was incorrect, and the new bounty hunter informed the licensed bail agent of 2012 and 2013 changes in laws related to bounty hunting and was, in point of fact, found to have answered question correctly much to the bail agent’s surprise.


Today, Bailspeak Alumni who are searching for both bounty hunting and bail agent jobs are, bluntly stated, educating long time bail agents on recent law changes and current events, but how could people fresh out of a bail class educate people who have been in the business for 10, 20 and even 30 years?


Unfortunately, the answer may be found in the massive drop of licensed bail agents who once attended live continuing bail education classes in favor of accruing required continuing education hours via online classes or correspondence courses that may contain unchanged curriculums for nearly ten years, or, perhaps, curriculums that do not contain information about law changes or cannot possibly convey a California Bail Industry that is ever changing at the speed of a text message.


The intent of this Facebook thread isn’t to encourage bail agents to attend Bailspeak’s various continuing bail education courses, but I think it is well worth strongly considering very serious looks at Bailspeak Alumni for salaried bail agent job openings, independent bounty hunting jobs, and for job openings in other various bail agency departments.


The Bailspeak Bail Agent Pre-Licensing bail class is maintained as a state-of-the art, cutting-edge immersion course filled with California Department of Insurance required studies and then taken a decade further with instructional techniques designed to not only help people pass the bail exam on their first tries but to also help them retain critical information in the post licensing world of bail bonds.


There are significant reasons why Bailspeak is quickly becoming the Number 1 Choice for new hires by the leading bail agencies in California and with students arriving from all over the United States and abroad.


Succinctly put, take another look at that Bailspeak Alumni application or resume and consider calling that person in for an interview and quiz that person who left his or her Bailspeak class completely exhausted and loaded with information and with a certificate that is undeniably carrying greater and greater weight by those who have hiring authority in their perspective bail corporations, mom & pop shops, and bounty hunting teams.


Thank you for your time and consideration of Bailspeak Alumni as priority interviewees.


Post Script: the Bailspeak Alumnus, like so many other Bailspeak Alumni, got the job.




Why Bail Agents and Bail Enforcement Agents Should Learn Bail law and Motion


Without fail, telephone calls eventually arrive by people who harbor an undertone of acute desperation, brought on by an intangible apprehension of the unknown in combination with the potentiality of loss, that seemingly forestalls problem solving synapses from firing, and the consequences of inaction are far-reaching and possibly catastrophic to even the most modest of living standards of not just the callers but also their families and employees and all of which are subject to minor and even considerable conversion from what is to what may have to be.


Some of the more common calls are paraphrased as follows:


  • “I got two summary judgments.  I thought they’d clear themselves.”
  • “I can’t do my own motions?”
  • “What do you mean I’m out of time?”
  • “They pulled my motion and hit me with a summary judgment!”
  • “This guy gave me a motion he used, and the judge said it wasn’t the right one for my deal.”
  • “I thought it could be attacked collaterally, but the judge said no.”
  • “They’re attacking every little thing!”
  • “He (the judge) said there was no good cause for an extension.”
  • “I used to file these all the time; I don’t know what happened.”
  • “I got a 43 page opposition on my motion.  What do I do?”
  • “I booked the bail jumper, so why isn’t my bond exonerating?”


My standard reply to such folks is contact an attorney who practices law with an emphasis in bail law for legal advice, for the time to learn what a bail agent may and may not do and how to do it is before calamity strikes.


The filing and appearing on one’s bail bond motions is time-sensitive; it requires a working knowledge of bail law; it requires a working knowledge of civil procedures; it requires an ongoing knowledge of published case cites to determine what may or may not be actionable, and, if you are a bail bond company owner, treat this area of study like the solvency of your company depends on it. 


All of the above is thoroughly addressed in the only California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Course offered as two separate courses on the same Motion Monday of every Bailspeak 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certification Course—day 3 for pre-licensing and six hours of approved continuing bail education applicable for bail agent license renewal.



“It was very informative.  I found it inspiring and learned a lot of new things.”


“Excellent insight regarding topics.  It was extremely interesting with details and stories. You ROCK Rex!”


“Good, relative stories.  Excellent, comprehensive handouts.  Good job!”


“Great examples!  Everything was explained well, life experiences for each lesson was great!”


“The idea that he not only had personal stories but stories from other bail agents and bounty hunters.  Very well educated and wants us to all be the same!”


“The energy of the instructor, the info about what happens if a defendant fails to appear, the topic of techs.”


“Kept me interested and didn’t put me to sleep!  Liked all the personal experience shared.”


“I feel ready to take the test and pass!”


“The speaker was humorous and had many interesting/funny stories to tell. Thank you Instructor Rex for your instruction.”


“I liked the material that was taught!  It’s incredible how much knowledge the instructor has obtained throughout his career!”


“I like the book and handouts with all the information.  I wish we had more time to go over more stuff with Rex!  Very funny and cool!”


“Liked all of it.  I have a way better understanding of bail and the bail industry.  Fast paced, everything was great!”


“Rex makes it fun, even though it’s a lot of stuff and laws, etc.  He really does a great job!  Excellent!”


“The real life stories Rex shared all applied to a class topic.  Thank you!”


“All the information was much welcome and will be used.  Wonderful class!”


“The realness of the instructor, using his real life experiences allowed me to have a better understanding.”


“The realistic knowledge of how the bail industry really works.”


“The instructor had a lot of knowledge and experience.  He made the course fun!”


“The way the instructor put together the true handouts and told real life stories made it easy to understand and helpful to retain.  Awesome job at being able to connect with and teach people in a friendly but professional manner.”


“Rex was awesome!!! Loved the stories that were told in the class.  Excellent student of history as well!”


“The speaker because he really knows all this from personal experience and he researches everything as well.”


“The flow of the course, although fast paced, was conducive to learning the material necessary to have a good foundation to getting started in the bail industry.”


“I liked how engaging it was.  I had to drive over 3 hours and stay at the hotel for 2 nights, but it was worth it!!  It put in perspective how much I have to learn but also how successful I could potentially be.”


“Very knowledgeable!”


“I liked the materials, handouts and structured class.  There is a lot of material to digest in a short amount of time so important to get a good night’s sleep!”


“I’ve been a bail agent for almost 30 years and this class refreshed many areas of currently ongoing business practices.”


“I liked the class discussions and the handouts.  Instructor [Rex] was very friendly and made it easy and comfortable to ask questions.”


“Rex is a very good speaker.”


“All information was pertinent and well presented.  Exceeded my expectations.  Interesting, informative, entertaining.  This course and Rex have interested me in the possibility of furthering a career in bail in additional to fugitive recovery.”


“I am new to this type of work and I found it very informative.  It had a lot of information.  It helped me to understand what is happening.”


“[I liked] Learning by examples of situations.”


“The material smoothly transitions and the tests came easier because of it.  I feel like you were the most knowledgeable person that could teach a class like this with your background and experience.:


“This class has given me the knowledge and confidence to be successful in this business.  The stories, they help tie everything together.  Thank you!”


“Rex is the man!!  Very knowledgeable and very passionate about what he teaches us.  Very interactive, very engaging presentation.  Rex is the Man!!!”


“Highly recommended.  [I liked] the class interaction.”


“I liked that Rex was able to simplify some complex information and make it digestible.”


“This course provided a clear and concise delivery on subject matter.”


“The subject matter is new so a little difficult; however, Bailspeak and its employees have been a picture of professionalism.  The ease to which Bailspeak was able to make me feel.  I appreciate Rex’s willingness to understand me as an individual requiring unique treatment.”


“[I liked] the speaker’s ability to make course material relevant.”


“Focused strongly on what I was interested in and gave really good examples.  Glad we took this class!”


“Great personality, tons of educational topics were covered.  Lots of attention for each student.”

How to Become a Civilian TASER®* International Certified Instructor Who Certifies Instructors – No Law Enforcement Training or Experience Necessary


Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator


You Pay all travel and lodging expenses plus approximately $390.00 for the online and practical course; You Pay an Annual $1,200.00 Licensing Fee, Taser Collects Online Fees from each of your students; You then Pay TASER a Percentage off of each Student you bring in; You Pay for all Training Materials, You Pay TASER for training cartridges and other TASER equipment; You Pay for all class rent; You Pay for electricity, air and heat, and YOU repeat the process early and often for the insidious privilege to PayTASER in able to Create Your Own Future, Replicating Competition.


In response to some queries as to why I opted NOT to renew my TASER Instructor Certification Certificate for the 4th time, the above has been posted on a Bailspeak Sister Website, but, more importantly, how many people can really comply with the above and utter antithesis of even beginning to exist in the Free Market as a TASER Certified Instructor?


It all sounds like a great idea in the furtherance to Protect Life ~ really?  What happens if, however unlikely and due to Free Market realities, the private security and bounty hunting industries suffers a deluge of so-called “train the trainer” instructors?  Is this strong likelihood a good thing or bad thing when it comes to protecting the public?


The good news is that there is NO CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT to carry a TASER CEW® in California, and Bailspeak still offers both TASER CEW products and a Tactical TASER CEW Training Course that counts for 6 Hours of Continuing Bail Education—without TASER’s newly oppressive monetary requirements.


Furthermore, I learned that TASER personnel erroneously “assumed” that each of the posted Bailspeak Class Photos were somehow TASER classes and not Bail Education Training Classes and therefore decided to revamp how it collects money from prior TASER Certified Instructors—Count me out; I am not and have never have been a TASER Kool-Aid drinking minion to the extent that any and all lawsuits that predate 2009 are, reportedly, not being adamantly contested by TASER and TASER devices older than 2005 should be immediately taken off line for, well, to protect the public.


DOUBLE CHECKif the ostensible TASER Instructor who “certified”you on CEWs knows about and has met with the above NEW requirements.  If not, TASER personnel have clearly stated that they will not recognize such certifications and have been known to suddenly change policies and retroactively engage in “...wide sweeping enforcement...” to literally renege on what many folks have paid for and relied upon in good faith and without prior notice and No Refunds.


Author’s Opinion Note: I concluded after several telephone conversations with TASER personnel that the above is what happens when people who have always collected paychecks and never had to make a payroll as a business owner, by and large, takeover the training department of a business.


* TASER and CEW are each Registered Trademarks of TASER International, Inc.