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MARKETING AND SEO SERVICES ~ A lesser known aspect of the Bailspeak Service Repertoire is its semi-secret ability to very literally make small business phones ring with prospective customer queries, and, in support of stirring the curious nature common to people in general, Bailspeak can also take its Marketing and SEO services several steps further and provide bail bond co-signer and client deal closing that is designed to take callers off the market in and apart from bail related businesses.


This specialized training program includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Website Design & After Launch Consulting
  • Impactful Still Ads that won’t get Drowned out
  • Social Media Blitz Advertising that goes to high ranking
  • YouTube Video Juggernauts based on expansive Market Analysis
  • Top Ranking Search Engine Results within 90 days of constant adjustments
  • Value Engineered Marketing Programs with a “Fire for Effect” Proven Approach


Moreover, Bailspeak strategies include how to win the trust and loyalty of customers and clients over the long term and not just for one deal!


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Pre-Licensing School, but its sister businesses branch off into other types of small business and all of which are successfully proving the methodologies alluded to above and work in the Real World Free Market.


Writing bonds begins with advertising, and advertising is like breathing; we either keep the business oxygenated or it passes out while competition simply walks by and on to the next best thing, and, “to be first in business,” we must first be first in business; this last axiom isn’t possible if the business owner fails to keep his or her business breathing.


All too often I’ve spoken to people who randomly and, arguably, aimlessly hustle to get the first round of miscellaneous and off-point ads online or in a phone book or on a jail board—like being slapped on the ad butt to get that first business cry out—or take to the streets with clumsy direct marketing and no target market to pitch trinkets to and that will all most likely end up in a landfill within a week’s time and then it all stops with no further efforts and sometimes for up to a full year!


Imagine if the big bail corporations launched a one step ad campaign and then stopped for a full year to see what happens.  I travel California and take notice to the obvious ad campaigns, and those bail companies and corporations with the biggest market shares are continuously running TV commercials, phonebook ads in multiple counties, and expanding into new areas with new people, and we see their name branding on the Internet and in the top spots.


It is obvious that times are changing, and telephone book ads are no longer the mainstay of bail bonds marketing; however, if phonebook advertising were completely obsolete then those alluded to in paragraph three above wouldn’t bother to advertise in multiple counties from San Diego to Sacramento and in other places between those two cities.


The next obvious place to advertise a bail bond company is on the Internet, but, again, it takes more than a single breath of advertising to get your bail phone ringing.  It will take more than an unattended, $10.00 a month website built and left to dilapidate by a third party who knows nothing about bail and only sought to be paid for a quick service.


To stand out on the Internet one must engage almost non-stop in the relentless pursuit of top rankings by and through a string of ongoing efforts and on many places and with skill, determination and daring.  In short, it can be done and does get done but will require ongoing work and not a one-time effort.


Here let us weigh the cluttered, very expensive and questionably effective use of jail board ads in county jails.  Allow me to frame it this way—have your child or other family member (not you) spread out 50 business cards on your kitchen or coffee table from random businesses, tightly organized with no space between them, in the shape of a rectangle.


Now, imagine that you are traumatized by the incarceration of a loved one and only seek to learn what is going on at a county jail.  A jailer directs you to the “bail bond board” where you will....?  Think about it.  Stare at your makeshift jail board that your kids had fun laying out for you.  Which business card jumps out at you and why?  Which ones bleed into a blurry mass with the others and why?  Does your own phonebook or jail board ad bleed or pop?  If your ad layout bleeds than stay off the jail boards until it pops to avoid a costly spot on a useless jail board.  Then go back to the ad drawing board and fix the problem.


I have heard from people who made absolutely no effort to think out their ad campaigns and even plopped something together as an afterthought and waited with no research, no expert consultations, and no intention to do anything else!


I have tried to talk to people who “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” and it is the “Yeah, yeah, yeah” too busy to stop and listen and consider “runners” who have no time or even interest in trying what ad people suggest and to those hurried people I suggest not getting into small business at all—go to work for someone else who is willing to do what must be done to make a small business grow.


Finally we arrive at working with ad people who are not bail people.  A sales rep working at a phonebook company will very quickly have a slapped together ad laced with clipart, useless catch phrases, ill-placed important information, wrong colors, and with no thought of your bail bonds geographical, demographical, or other very specific bail bonds business needs.  Then you pay for an ad for a year because YOU let someone else handle your business when it should have been YOU who took charge and did the market research upon which to build the foundations of your ad.


The Study of “Cause and Effect” for Bail Bond Business Marketing and SEO


Opinion Editorial By Veteran Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman, Rex Venator


14 years ago, in 2003, I actively pitched an idea to create business media cards whereby I would write, produce, cut, and then wear out my own shoe leather to cold-call distribute—this entire preliminary service was For Free with me assuming all the initial risks—the aforementioned bail bond service video CD advertisements and personally made companion brochures to the numerous law offices and in various counties with the understanding that any attorney referrals for bail would be my posting and commission as a service for the plentiful, independent bail agency owners to include getting the bounty hunting contracts if any of the bailed persons jumped bail, which, by the way, had an effect of literally creating more bounty hunting work and such innovation reverberates to this very day.


This breakthrough sales and marketing program, or, if you will, “evolutionary leap forward” worked so well that I took it a step further and duly solicited real estate agents to shoot video advertisements, for an hourly rate, of their listings in preparation for all the new fangled Internet technologies that (YouTube went live two years later on February 14, 2005) that was on the way and up and coming based on my investigative research.


While many of the local bail agents knew my reputation as a bond forfeiture troubleshooter and were quick to jump aboard whatever it was that I was talking about, very few real estate agents had the patience, and, of considerable detriment, the vision to even try to understand the value of what it was that I was pitching and with some who were rather rude and wholly dismissive.


So, today, over a decade later, I find it oddly entertaining that THE high-end, top tier real estate agents and brokers create full blown movie like commercials for their “Million Dollar Listing(s) in New York, Miami and Los Angeles to reference a few recent reality TV shows.


Isn’t it interesting that the people who become hugely successful in their fields are the risk takers with vision who will, at the very least, take a moment to listen and try to understand what the new little guy with an untested, unorthodox idea is trying to explain?


While new technologies and Smart Phones ultimately made the above described pilot program obsolete within 72 months in totality, I didn’t miss the short lived "Business Media Card" trend and the residual effects of establishing so many business relationships that still trigger phone calls for service today and probably into tomorrow.


So, it is my understanding that the Big Bang Theory discussion includes the notion that it didn’t just happen such as considered in Albert Einstein’s “static space-time paradigm”; something had to cause the Big Bang, or, plainly stated, my study of “cause and effect” along with my many other, seemingly unrelated, study of various disciplines is why I get so many business relatable ideas.  The trick is to know which ones to act on with the understanding that most will not survive research and development.


Nevertheless, I believe strongly in a very simple premise—I won’t know if I don’t try, and I will never know if I don’t try to try.


Hence, the Bailspeak Business Dictum ~ Evolve or Perish.




Q:  How much would it cost for Bailspeak to produce my Internet bail bonds   video commercial?


A:  The cost of a video production is wholly determined by what you want to include in your bail bond advertisement. 


Factors to consider include writing your own script or having a script produced by Bailspeak, location costs if any, travel & lodging expenses, hiring professional actors or you providing amateur actors, graphics, music licensing if applicable, and the amount of time necessary to complete the production.


Call the Bailspeak Registrar to schedule an appointment with a Venator Film Group production assistant to begin to learn if Bailspeak’s value engineered film production services are right for your bail bond company.

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