20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing
California Department of Insurance Approved
Bail Education School
How to Start a Bail Business or Become a Bounty Hunter Class by Telephone.



·         How to become a bounty hunter

·         How to lawfully bounty hunt in California

·         May bounty hunters carry guns in California

·         How to become a licensed bail agent in California

·         How to apply for a bail license

·         How to start a bail bond company

·         How to Market Bail Related Businesses

·         For other bail related questions excluding legal advice

Bail Bonds Bounty Hunting Expert Consultation

Rex Venator is a proven 25 plus Year Veteran in the California Bail Bonds Industry with business and street proven success in all aspects of running a small business and with an emphasis on bounty hunting and bail bond agencies.


Telephone Conference Calls may include Sales & Marketing Strategies for Bail Bond Companies, Forfeiture Liability Management discussions, bail bond motion discussions for non-incorporated bail agencies appointed by Bankers Insurance, Bail USA, Safety National and Lexington, and how to track down a bail jumper.


Call the Bailspeak Registrar, Toll Free for questions regarding how to Register for Live Bailspeak Classes; however, protracted discussions covered during 22 Hours of classes may be undertaken by this Telephone Consultation process.

Note: Above Subjects are a Part of Bailspeak's Live Seminar Class and General Questions are a part of Bailspeak's ongoing telephone support for Bailspeak alumni.

Please Click HERE for More Information on How to Apply for Your Telephone Consultation with Bail Expert and Bailspeak's Primary Instructor Rex Venator.

This process is mandatory for any attorney who wishes to have a teleconference with Rex Venator ~ No Exceptions.

Expert Consulting Fees Applied to Future Class Tuition

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Rex Venator’s Expert Bail Advice is Sought After by:


·         Major Insurance Corporations

·         California’s Largest Bail Bond Agencies

·         Mom & Pops Bail Bond Stores

·         Independent Bail Agents

·         Bail Bond Job Recruiters

·         Bounty Hunting Team Leaders

·         Solo Bounty Hunters

·         Criminal Defense Attorneys

·         Prosecuting Attorneys & DA Investigators

·         County Counsel Attorneys

·         Hollywood Film Directors

·         Reality TV Producers

·         Film Actors

·         Novelists

·         Nationally

·         & Internationally


This California Bail Pre Licensing and Continuing Education Training School receives an average of 850 incoming telephone calls weekly, and some questions are technical in nature and require a protracted discussion by one of its instructors.  Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in a week for active bail bond company owners and bounty hunters who also actively close cases in open court or with its primary instructor called upon for expert court witness analysis to field so many very important calls when Bailspeak Alumni do take priority on return calls; accordingly, the below Bail School Teleconference Program has been initiated.

Due to a sharp increase in calls from criminal defense attorneys, public defenders, civil litigation attorneys, and personal injury lawyers seeking protracted telephone discussions about the legal authorities of bounty hunters and bail bondsmen, all such calls must be scheduled through this exclusive teleconference service effective March 1, 2015—no exceptions.


CALIFORNIA 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing is a Mandatory certification to become a Bail “bondsman” Agent and/or to Lawfully Bounty Hunt in California with very few exceptions regarding lawful fugitive recovery.


This California Department of Insurance Approved course exceeds California Bail Education requirements and continuously resets industry standards to become a bail bondsman or bounty hunter with bail certification instruction by veteran bail bonds business owners and active bounty hunters with over two decades of running profitable bail industry companies.


Bailspeak is the only bail education provider with California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Instructors who legally operate bail bond agencies, bounty hunt, appear on bail bond motions, and travel all over California bringing up to the minute live instruction to students.


This bail training school course covers the most important aspects of the bail bonds business such as bail bond law and motion, Lawful bail accounts receivable, Lawful bail business operations within the meaning of Insurance and Title 10 Code sections and other timely and relevant bail and bounty hunting topics as follows:


·         Includes Lawful Bounty Hunting Seminar Instruction

·         Includes Bail Enforcement Legal Authorities Training

·         Bail Manual and Dozens of Industry Related Docs Included

·         Concentrates on Personal Attention with Small Class Sizes

·         Is the Fastest Growing Bail Education School in California

·         Is the Most Transparent Bail School in California

·         Is the Most Trusted Bail School in California

·         Is the most studied Bail School model in the Nation

·         Bailspeak Alumni Report 98.5% First Time State Bail Exam Pass Rate

·         Advanced Bail Contract Law Studies – Critical Information

·         Advanced Bail Law & Motion Studies – Student’s Favorite

·         Only statewide Bail School instructed by bail agency owners

·         Only statewide Bail School directed by a bail agency owner!

·         Only statewide Bail School instructed by active bounty hunters

·         Only Bail School with real-time instruction from the CDI, jails, streets and courts

·         Only Bail School that posts class photos for Consumer Protection

·         Only Bail School with over 150 videos viewed over 1,000,000 times

·         Alumni from numerous states and internationally

·         Sun & Mon count for up to 12 hours of Continuing Bail Education!


Please Register and book lodging, if lodging is necessary, at the applicable Hotel sooner rather than later if interested.  Bailspeak classes are held at very small venue by design in the spirit of personal attention, for the best interests of the students attending.

CALIFORNIA BOUNTY HUNTING SCHOOL – 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing is a Mandatory certification to become a Bail “bondsman” Agent and/or to Lawfully Bounty Hunt in California with very few exceptions regarding lawful fugitive recovery.


Expert Bail & Bounty Hunting Telephone Consultation Fees Applied to Dept. of Insurance Approved Live Class Tuition