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Why Bail Agents Should Know Bounty Hunting Laws?


·         To know how to hire a bounty hunter

·         To avoid being civilly sued

·         To avoid summary judgments

·         To avoid bankruptcy

·         To avoid criminal charges

·         A bail motion is not a Silver Bullet

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“Do your bail agents and their bounty hunters carry Tasers?”




Bounty Hunter Taser

User Certification

2013 Classes


Opinion Editorial

by Rex Venator


Taser is the leader in less-than-lethal Electronic Control Devices (hereafter called “Taser” or “Tasers,” as each model is known to the public at-large) such as the popular Taser C2, the venerable and unquestioned X26 workhorse, and the amazing semiautomatic X2 with its “backup shot.”


It has been repeatedly proven by the fine men and women of our Nation’s law enforcement personnel that the mere presentation of a Taser can quickly deescalate what would otherwise escalate into the need for the reasonable use of force to arrest an individual.


For the purposes of bounty hunting, it is the position of the Bailspeak Cadre that a Taser ranks much higher on the Use of Force Continuum than it may in law enforcement agencies; moreover, considering that a bail bond company owner and his or her surety may be subject to civil liability for what a bounty hunter does or does not do, it stands to unwavering reason that not only can a strong argument be made for bounty hunters to undertake Taser Authorized certification but that a bail agent may be considered seriously remiss if he or she displays deliberate indifference by failing to require a bounty hunter who bounty hunts for an agent of a surety to secure Taser User Certification and with an emphasis on an instructor who is not only “Authorized” by Taser to certify people who bounty hunt but who is also ardent about stressing liability awareness during all of its bail courses.


Bailspeak has taken active steps to launch its 2013 curriculums that, like prior years, consist of California Department of Insurance Approved classes that approach the minutia of bail bonds and bounty hunting and running a small business as whole rather than disjointed subjects that do not flow as in the real world of bail bonds and bounty hunting.


For example, a student or veteran may participate in Bailspeak’s CDI Approved “Taser Tuesday” certification and CE class that is generally after Bailspeak’s CDI Approved 20-Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing class that INCLUDES Bailspeak’s “Motion Monday” and with three of the four days separately approved for six hours of continuing bail education inasmuch that a bail agent could obtain 6, 12, and even 18-Hours of continuing bail education in a single weekend!


It is finally worth reiterating that all of Bailspeak’s courses place great weight on moral and ethical behavior, which, by force of action, creates an educational foundation for one to choose professional decision making that may very well reduce liability for bail agents and sureties and, perhaps, even culpability should allegations of misconduct arise that may even be exonerated when an educated agent for a surety can intelligently articulate stare decisis that is or are consistent with actions taken and the results thereof.


Bailspeak’s next round of Taser User Certification classes generally land on the Tuesdays subsequent to the high level of CDI approved bail instruction noted in paragraph 5 above and can include multiple certifications over a four day period totaling 40-Hours in bail bonds and bounty hunting related certifications!


You may, at your convenience, consider making inquiry via an Internet search for the key phrase “Proof of Bounty Hunter Training” for more information on the “Proof of Training” ball cap of which may be of acute interest.


Visit the Bailspeak Mother Website or any of its Sister Websites for more information, including photographs, Alumni Testimonials, videos, and much, much more information about Bailspeak in general, its instructors, and its many on-point, CDI Approved courses.


Thank You for Your Time and Consideration,


Rex Venator

Always a

Student First

Copyright 2007 - 2013 Bailspeak, All Rights Reserved

Taser User Certification Classes by Taser Certified Instructor, Rex Venator

  • CDI Approved for 6 Hours CE
  • Taser Authorized Bounty Hunter Certification

Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunter Taser User Certification Classes that are Authorized by Taser and Approved by the California Department of Insurance

Bail Bond Company Owners may be held liable for what their bounty hunters do or don't do, and it is strongly suggested that any bounty hunter or any person bounty hunting seek out and secure Taser User Certification that is consistent with Bailspeak's highly respected curiculums.

See Video of Your Taser Instructor Leading by Example and being "Tased" HERE

A Working Knowledge of the Bail Motion Process is Critical!


A major part of running a bail bond company is, quite frankly, your active willingness and effort to have a working knowledge of how to draft, appear and then stand up in a California Superior Court, fully prepared, to make an oral argument, counter written and oral opposition from government lawyers, and then convince a court that granting your moving papers is the correct action that will also keep your company solvent.


In the Bail Video above, Rex Venator Demonstrates how to get your argument out in 90-seconds and avoid being taken off-point by opposing counsel; indeed, Rex has been drafting bail bond motions and appearing in California Superior Courts as an agent for numerous sureties (Pursuant to California Penal Code Section 1305 subsection j & k) since 1998, and Rex has a 99.7% success rate in winning Orders to Vacate Forfeitures to Exonerate Bonds and with a growing number of recently filed bail bond motions receiving Notice of Non-Oppositions from county counsel and DA attorneys in numerous jurisdictions!



Get up to 12 Hours of California Department of Insurance Approved Continuing Bail Education EVERY Sunday and Monday of EVERY 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Weekend; moreover:


Your Bail CE Hours Applied within 24 to 48-Hours and Viewable on the CDI Website!


  • 6 Hours Bail Law & Motion Bail CE
  • 6 Hours Taser User Certification
  • 6 Hours CE Lawful Bounty Hunting
  • Get 12 Hours in One Weekend!
  • Training that Matters!
  • More Taser Classes TBA!

Any person who is serious about bail would be remiss in believing that he or she would never have to apprehend a bail bond client or wanted felony fugitive irrespective of whether or not such a person has employed bounty hunters; indeed, emergencies happen without warning, and bounty hunters are not always there to repair the damage.

Are you or your bounty hunters carrying Taser products while bounty hunting?


Please scroll down and take a moment to read the Opinion Editorial on uncertified use of ECDs for employment purposes.

“I have not lost a single motion since I took [Bailspeak’s Bail Motion class], and I am also winning motions to extend time, because of [Rex’s class], when others there [in Court] are not getting [granted bail motions] theirs.  I tell everyone if they want to win motions then take Rex’s [California Department of Insurance Approved Bail CE for six hours] class.”


-Veteran Bail Bond Company Owner & Private CE Client, July 19, 2013

“I closed three bounty hunting cases this month after showing my client procedural technicalities that she didn’t know about.  I didn’t need a gun or body armor to get paid!  Thank you, Bailspeak!”


- Bounty Hunter, Feb 2014